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Our website visitors have requested the following Australian made products or services they haven't been able to find. You are our eyes and ears, please assist us to find a local manufacturer or service provider. Click on the email icon alongside the request to share your information.

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221 - I am seeking a manufacturer who can make soft indoor slippers with a leather base and cotton upper. If that is you I would appreciate a conversation. Thank You

220 - I want to get a Custom car built new , a Custom 4x4 or SUV wagon or just a rear wheel drive Custom sports car . So I need contacts of those that could build the chassis, the body, the drivetrain etc . I would prefer all Australian new parts if possible

219 - I am sourcing a local manufacturer in Australia, that can make small quantities of mens grandpa 100% cotton shirts, (not t/shirts)

218 - I am looking for an Australian manufacturer to make up minky modern cloth nappies from my pattern for me. They are a one size nappy that use KAM snaps and the snap in booster system is made of bamboo fleece. I would initially need a run of up to 500 hundred in several different patterns. I have been making these by hand, but I can not keep up with demand. Thanks, Alex

217 - I live in Tasmania where work is hard to find. I am trying to make Australian made souvenirs (I sew) and would love to use Australian made fabric, but don't seem to be able to find any. I am also going to be making quilts and hope to use Tasmanian grown wool batting if you have any ideas on where to source that as well? Thanks SO MUCH for your website - I only just found it. Tracey

216 I am looking for Australian made flannelette work shirts

Want to buy decorative cut out rubber stair streads for decking steps. Size 30cm by 75 cm or longer.

Trying unsuccessfully to buy locally1) ladies goose down pants?2) immersion heater to heat 3 litres of water in a S..S. pump urn for local bushcare...I had an immersion heater years ago but made the mistake of giving it away; now can't find one locally...

Hi - Thank you for your website...I shall Share. I'm looking for a Recliner (Chair) with Ottoman (not the big bulky ones)...IMG (Norway) also make the more modern style Recliners which are available via their Importers.. I wish to try & find an Aussie Manufacturer. Thank you for helping me

am looking foir a solar water pump so I can have a water feature without having to connect to mains power. I would like on that could be placed in a bird bath or a small water container about the size of a double water trough. Thanks Marianne

Australian promotions business is looking for 150 Australian made cotton BBQ aprons, 150 Akubra style hats and 150 blue denim shirts. MUST BE Australian made.

Heavy duty work suspenders / 4legs, heavy clips

209 - I need to find an Australian manufacturer of women's garments. My standard order is approx, 5,000 pieces. In tops and pants. I usually use the same fabric. LINEN. My style sits in middle to upper end of the market.

208- I am looking for Australian made brass door hinges. Is there such a thing anymore?

207 - I'm after a clear plastic container between 100 and 250ml for jelly beans. Jar is good, double purpose is better like a drink bottle, money box or cocktail shaker.

206 - Looking for a shoe repair kit. Thanks Dave

205 - Hi I am hoping to start a children's clothing line. I am currently looking for a company to maufacture woolen jumpers for babies that I can embellish and sell. Are you able to help find a business who can do this?

204 - I am looking for an Australian made rabbit hutch. It would have to be big as it will have to house 6 bunnies. Every hutch I have bought so far has been made in China and fall to pieces in a matter of weeks as they are made from very fragile wood. Denise

203 - Looking for supplier of quality patent 'leather look' material suitable for making shoes/boots.

202 - Hello, I am look for an Australian manufacturer who can produce a simple canvas sneaker. I would really appreciate it if you can help me find anyone who may be able to make this type of product. Thanks for your time, Joshrn

201 - Hi, I am looking for a manufacturer for half teaspoon sachets in Australia?

200 - Hello there, I'm looking to get a set for a new born baby girl (now 40 days old) including a hat, jumpsuit/romper, booties and a bib all with an australian theme (kangaroos/koalas). I have spent a while online and there are very few items out there for baby souveniers. I'd be greatful if you could let me know if this is possible and how we would go ahead to order. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Nela

199 - Hi, We are a small micro business in the Australian market looking for a manufacturer to produce our modern cloth nappies. I was just wondering if you have any contacts that we could touch base with? Thanks, Vivi

198 - I wish I could find cotton buds that were Aussie owned and made! Anyone know of any?"

197 - I have a puzzle map of Australia. The pieces are made of gold with the southern cross having 5 opals representing the 5 stars of the cross on the flag. I am trying to get information about the puzzle. help! thanks

196 - Is there an australian made hot water bottle and where could I purchase the item?

195 - Hi, I am trying to find an australian (preferably South Australian) clothing manufacturer that might be able to make a baby sleeping bag I have designed. Are you please able to point me in the right direction? Many thanks

194 - I am wanting to start up a company making lamps from my own vintage fabrics. I need working lamp bases and straight shades in white or cream plain fabric . I am looking to buy wholesale.

193 - I am looking for cyclone protective fabric screens. These are commonly available and approved in the USA, and are relatively priced and simple to install. I think there would be a market for them in Australia. Cheers, Mick

192 - I am looking for a manufacturer to produce Martial Arts uniforms for me in Australia. Any help in finding one would be greatly appreciated.

191 - Hello, I am look for an Australian manufacturer who can produce 250 pairs of a simple canvas sneaker. I would really appreciate it if you can help me find anyone who may be able to make this type of product. Thanks for your time, Josh

190 - Is there and australian made hot water bottle, if so, where can I get one? Margie

187 - seeking oz products for malaysian market

186 - hi Im looking at opening a Retro Diner and wondering if i can buy Dining Booths,dinettes and or car booths here in Australia as i can from usa. thanks

184 - I am looking for a high volume high quality liquid soap manufacturer

Looking for Australian made bed linen.

183 - Looking for Australian made/grown ubiquinol to stock in our pharmacy.

182 - Looking for Australian made bra's.

181 - ozzy made ceiling fan-lights?

180 - Live Local (a not for profit organisation focussed on enhancing community living and buying products and produce locally) is looking for Australian made garden implements to be used in community gardens and for other projects. Any suggestions where Aussie made garden tools can be found? Thanks

179 - Hi, I am looking for a manufacturer who can make larger size ladies shoes in todays fashion (heels, flats, boots). The sizes I want are AUS 11,12,13,14. Does not necessarily have to be a leather only manufacturer. I have tried J.Robins & Sons but they could not help me. Can you please direct me to some source please? Thanks,Cherish

178 - Hi, I am looking for manufacturers in Australia for ladies shoes. I have designs, mainly for high heels etc & would prefer to have them made here. Thanks in advance for the help!

177 - We are looking for australian goods to become as agent for Saudi Arabia , we been in Saudi Market over 15 years

176 - I am looking for an Australian/Desiger- manufacturer called Derby. I have a Viscose/Nylon Vest in black/blue colour and need to replace it.The design is basic with zippered front and side pockets with a high neck collar. If anyone knows of this brand please make contact. Many thanks CB

175 - I looking for an Australian bra manufacturer. Thanks Dorothy

174 - Hello, I am looking for an Australian business that can produce button blanks or an item similar to a button in a form of plastic, polyester or some similar durable material. Item size required is 34mm in diameter and upwards. These items will also need to be available in assorted colours if required. Hoping someone can assist! Kind regards Sandra

173 - I want to buy Australian when ever I can and would never buy imported food especially. If fruit or veg are out of season, we will go without before eating imported. We Op-shop first for any item we need to avoid the temptation of buying any non-food items that are imported and cheaper. We are not wealthy and have found buying recycled items is a way we can afford to not comtribute to the amount Australia imports. Recently I read all the labels on the cotton face cleaning pads, cotton wool and ear buds at the supermarket. All items are imported. Does Australia have these products manufactured here? If so what brand and where do I buy then from? Rae

172. This one is a bit different to others in our wanted section but it is VERY WORTHWHILE. The NQ Riding for the Disabled is looking for a horse that can carry heavier riders - 80kg upwards. They prepared to beg, borrow or buy.... if you know of any strong horse/s with a placid personality please contact us. This is a VERY worthy cause!

171 - A promotions business is looking for Australian USB case manufacturers - Can you help?

170 - I'm on the hunt for a gorgeous carry on bag (preferrably Australian made) - does anyone have any recommendations of designers/stockists?

169 - I am in desperate need of boat numbers for registration display to be fixed to Polyolefin foam. The standard numbers wont stick because of the silicon in the foam. I have been told to paint the foam with acrylic lacquer then the numbers will stick to that. Too much time wasted and the paint will eventually flake off. Please help. Pat jones

168 - I am looking for Australian manufacturers of script words, can anyone help? Cheers

167 - Aussie crafters, sewers, jewelers, knitters, painters, cobblers, milliners - we need donations for our Auction for Education (AUG) auction.... see for more details

166 - I wish to enquire about Australian manufacturers of small Double Jack Chain, similar to the size used in flower hanging pots. I am a manufacturer and can access rolls of larger link Double Jack chain through Millers Chains but they do not make the smaller one. Can you help me?

165 - I would like to buy an Australian-made electric blanket - single - preferably tie down or else fitted. Thanks.

164 - I am looking for a base that front loader washing machines sit on to bring them off of floor level.

163 - I cannot seem to find an australian made electric blanket. I have looked in many dept stores and have found the brands: linda, sunbeam, jason, kingdom to name a few but all are made in China. Could you please help me find an australian made elcectric blanket? Kind regards, Wayne

162 - I am looking for australian made tights for baby/child 1-2 years old. Not have much luck as all made in china : Would love your help. Thanks, Jodi

161 - Looking for Australian made garden tools. The ones that I have used that are made in China bend and break. I am looking for some strong Aussie made ones.

160 - Can you help me find the address/outlets that stock RiverGum Classics Australia? Women's clothing. With thanks, Marg

159 - I am looking for Australian-made chairs to match a 1970s Parker Dining table. Any ideas ??

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