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Wilderness Wear Australia is a one-of-a-kind company.

We have many competitors, yet there is nothing quite like us. (Nobody else comes close, in fact.)

We are the only Australian company that designs and self-manufactures premium level outdoor clothing at internationally recognised standards - for ecological conscience, material content, functionality and style - supporting a discerning, worldwide community of people dedicated to outdoor pursuits.

Wilderness Wear is defined by quality: Materials, performance design and manufacture. We call it 'Quality 3' - quality brought to the power of three. It adds powerful dimension to what we do.

Base Layer

Wilderness Wear designs and manufactures the most comprehensive range of all-season, technical base layers and thermal underwear available in Australia.

Mid Layer

The Wilderness Wear range of mid layer clothing adopts the leading edge of material technology and design to create the best protection against uncomfortable weather conditions - be that a chilly breeze at sunset on your local beach, or blizzard conditions while busting out some tele turns on the back of Mt MacKay.


For decades the requirement of wet weather clothing is simple: Keep the elements out. The solution is Wilderness Wear's Chameleon and Chameleon Plus membrane technology. Via a fused, multi-layer construction, the larger sized particles of external water are repelled, and the smaller particles of contained moisture (from condensation and perspiration) and expelled, all while allowing the passage of air through the actual material.


Socks are like lubricant. If outdoor shoes and boots could be more refined in their internal design and finish, people might never need them. But until that happens, the world will keep on needing socks. And more than just preventing toes, feet, ankles, calves and shins from being aggravated or damaged in adverse situations, socks can play an integral part in providing support and moisture management in extreme pressure and high aerobic activities.

Casual and Travel

We can't always be dodging the spray of a waterfall, lumbering through sand dunes, scrambling a scree slope or battling the headwaters of a river in an Adventure Race event. There have to be moments of rest, travel, relaxation or even some weekend activities like Saturday morning markets or just walking the dog. And for those moments, Wilderness Wear can keep everyone covered - with a distinct directive for comfort and an appreciation for style.

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