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Highland Honey is produced naturally in the New England Ranges of New South Wales and is extracted and packed using traditional labour methods. Apart from the uncapping stage, we do not heat the honey in the extraction and packaging process. This ensures that our honey is 100% pure and tastes like real honey did many years ago. It also ensures that our honey retains all of its medicinal properties.

The varieties available change from year to year, as eucalypt flowering is notoriously unreliable.

We currently have a number of different types of ordinary honey available including: White Box, White Mahogany, Mandalong Blend and Caley's Ironbark with a dash of Leptospermum (Tea Tree) which gives the honey a tangy taste.

We have a range of speciality honeys that include

- Honey & Ginger (Smooth, Traditional and Chunky)
- Honey & Cinnamon (Single and Double strength)
- Honey & Garlic
- Honey & Lemon Myrtle
- Honey & Wasabi (Mild and Lava)
- Honey & Chilli (Mild, Medium and Lava)
- Honey & Macadamia
- Ginger (Fine or Chunky)

Use honey and bee pollen products as a tasty treat, an essentail cooking ingredient a natural therapy alternative, a health boost and the list goes on.

Our honey containers come in two sizes: Samplers for $4.50 each and Tubs for $5.50 each. We are happy to help with larger container sizes on request.

Our containers are all new, food quality, sterilised, leak-proof, microwave and dishwasher safe and are reusable.

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Australian made bee pollen,Honey & Ginger
Honey varieties, Brush Box, White Box and Yellow Box, and Caley’s Ironbark
Medicinal Honey, Bee Pollen, medically active honey

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