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Terms, Conditions and Limitations

Buy Australian Made - Terms, Conditions and Limitations.

Purpose :

The purpose of this section is to set out the relationship between the Buyer of the product or service and the Supplier of the product or service and Buy Australian Made and to set the ground rules for clear and fair trading practices.


The Supplier :

The Supplier refers to an individual, company or any entity that has a listing on the Buy Australian Made website and offers their goods or services to the Buyer.

The Buyer :

The Buyer refers to an individual, company or any entity that enters the Buy Australian Made website in order to browse or to make a purchase from a Supplier.

Buy Australian Made:

Buy Australian Made is the facilitator via the Buy Australian Made website of contact between the Buyer and the Supplier.

Acceptance of these Terms,Conditions and Limitations:

By entering the website "Buy Australian Made", you agree to accept these Terms, Conditions and Limitations.

Legal Trade :

The Supplier agrees to only provide goods that can be legally sold according to the governing bodies of the domicile of the supplier. Determining the legality of the product sale is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. In the event that a product is sold and is later determined to be illegal by a governing body, the Buyer agrees to accept all responsibility. Furthermore Buy Australian Made is indemnified from any responsibility. The sale and purchase of any product or service is the total responsibility of the Buyer and the Supplier.

Product Information :

The Supplier agrees to supply accurate information at the time of listing on Buy Australian Made and agrees to provide a Buyer with the best available information regarding the product or service and to provide an appropriate level of service to the buyer.  Continual failure to do so may lead to delisting from the Buy Australian Made website.

Buyer Assistance and Support :

The Supplier agrees to provide assistance and support to the Buyer as indicated in any correspondence between the Supplier and the Buyer.

Tax and Shipping :

The Supplier agrees to indicate any tax and shipping charges that are relevant to the transaction. The Buyer agrees to pay those fees and the Supplier agrees to pay those fees to the relevant taxation authority and/or shipping company.  Buy Australian Made accepts no liability or responsibility for payment or for failure of parties making payments to any entity.

International Currencies :

An acceptable method of determining the exchange rate shall be the web site at http://www.xe.com

Disclaimer :

Buy Australian Made, owners, Buy Australian Made's Web designers and employees assume no liability for accurate representation of products listed on these pages and we recommend that the appropriate supplier be contacted for information about the quality and condition of the product. Buy Australian Made reserves the right to edit or delete any words, phrases or graphics that are considered offensive or do not fit the "family friendly" philosophy of the Buy Australian Made website. Buy Australian Made reserves the right to delist any supplier or product for any reason. Buy Australian Made's decision is final and not negotiable in any matter relating to listings on the Buy Australian Made website.

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