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Australian made products

Be proud of your Australian made product and clearly display your level of Australian inputs into your product in a consistent and concise manner.

There are many discerning consumers who are looking for a greater level of disclosure in labelling.
The "BUY AUSTRALIAN" logo does this.

The BUY AUSTRALIAN logo is your guide to all that IS Australian.

The BUY AUSTRALIAN logo allows producers and manufacturers to accurately and honestly provide customers with product information shoppers need to make an informed purchase.

Shoppers need to know what "Australian Owned" and "Product of Australia" really means. Many shoppers want to know who really benefits when they buy "Made in Australia" or "Australian Made".

The BUY AUSTRALIAN logo gives producers and manufacturers a logo which tells their customers the truth.
The BUY AUSTRALIAN is the logo that provides customers with honest and accurate information about the product so that they can make an informed decision about what they are going to buy.

Seize the moment and take decisive action today!

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