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Australian made car stormcovers

Caravan Cover, RV Cover, Camper Trailer Cover, Motorhome Cover and Car Covers made in Australia. StormCovers are unquestionably the toughest weather resistant vehicle protection cover in the world.

Each Storm Cover is "Custom Made" with premium quality materials which have been developed and proven to withstand long term exposure in Australian weather conditions.These amazing covers are 100% waterproof, UV resistant and maintenance free and with the inner layer being a closed cell foam they have the added advantage of offering impact protection against potential hail damage, damage from fruit falling from trees etc.

StormCovers will keep your precious assets in tip-top condition protecting them from a myriad of potential problems caused by long term weather exposure and as they are so tough and durable they can withstand extreme heat, cold, damp, rain, snow, dust or wind conditions.

Each custom made StormCover is also provided with a 3 Year Manufacturing Guarantee but the life expectancy of a stormcover is 8 - 10 years.

Caravan Cover, Car Cover, Camper Trailer Cover, Motorhome Cover, Covers and so much more, if you want an outdoor protection Stormcover, Stormcovers are Australias Cover specialitsts.

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