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Drive Marine Services: Australian Made Epoxy Rust Primer Adhesives Rot Repair Kit | BuyAustralianMade.com.au

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Australian made wood glues, epoxy, rust primer

Australian Made Adhesives, Epoxy, Rot Repair Kits, Rusty Metal Primer & Water Based Finishes for Marine, Builders & Woodworkers

BoatcraftNSW.com.au - Anything and everything to build, repair or restore a boat.
Modern Technology Adhesives & water based finishes for Marine, Builders & Woodworkers.

Clear System
- Australian developed using modern technology for Australian conditions with practical testing as proof & much safer.
- Based on sealing timber with Non Yellowing Bote Cote Epoxy resin then applying Clear AQUACOTE to provide excellent UV Resistance & Long Life.
- This will provide a long life exterior clear finish. Check "Why Coatings Fail" info on our website.
- Ideal for all timber work exposed to the elements.
- No other company has a complete CLEAR SYSTEM finish.
- Bote Cote & AQUACOTE are totally compatible, therefore repairing damage is easy.
- AQUACOTE sets extremely tough over Bote Cote allowing it to be buffed to a high gloss finish, if required.
- So Safe, it can be sent by POST or Courier anywhere in Australia or overseas - No Dangerous Goods.

Rot Repair Kits
- Developed using the Bote-Cote Epoxy and Timber Preservative & Reactive Diluent Additive to Repair Rot.
- All materials, instructions and gear you need to repair rot.
- Kits supplied with detailed instructions for repairing rot based on our practical experience.
- Indefinite shelf life.
- Various techniques to Repair Rot explained depending on the extent & location of rot.
- So Safe, it can be sent by POST or Courier anywhere in Australia or overseas - No Dangerous Goods.

Rusty Metal Primer
- It Converts, Inhibits & Primes Rusty metal in one application which puts it Head & Shoulders above the others.
- Water Based using tannates from trees to convert rust.
- Needs rust to be effective on all ferrous metals.
- No Acid - will not affect paint or galvanising.
- Protects for up to 12 months without painting.
- Unique no other Rusty Metal Primer available like it - all others are acid based.
- So Safe, it can be sent by POST or Courier anywhere in Australia or overseas - No Dangerous Goods.

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Australian made marine and wood glues and epoxy

Australian made rot repair kit, rust primer

Australian made water based wood finishes

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