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Australian made granular and liquid natural fertiliser containing nutrients and minerals that stimulate an active living system in your soil, and allow naturally occurring micro-organisms to flourish.

Alternative Growing Solutions products are built around proprietary organic soil stimulant called Supercharge Living Earth. Supercharge Living Earth is a natural biological stimulant and has been approved by the Biological Farmers Australia. Supercharge contains nutrients and minerals that stimulate an active living system in the soil, and allow naturally occurring micro-organisms to flourish.

These micro-organisms compost organic matter in the soil. As the micro-organisms multipy and flourish, they build up more organic matter. Increased organic matter results in overall improvements in soil health, increased plant yields and greater sustainability.

Soil Advantages of Supercharge

Stimulates micro-organism activity
Accelerates composting of organic matter into readily available nutrients
Releases locked up nutrients in the soil
Attracts and retains water in the soil, slowing evaporation
Promotes aeration and insulation of the soil
Increases soil fertility
Enhances worm activity and population
Assists in breaking down clay soils
Stabilises sandy soils
Maintains a healthy pH level in the soil
Supplies and increases organic carbon and maximises natural nitrogen production
Breaks down toxicity in soils

Supercharge is a wholly natural, organic, living medium supporting micro-organisms, without any artificail chemicals or animal waste.

The Supercharge Living Earth system will support the natural activity of micro-organisms to continually compost matter into nutritious, readily accessible food for plants.

Supercharge Living Earth will enhance the natural micro-organism living system in the soil. This will supply the plant with the required amount of natural nutrients to enhance strong healthy plant growth, creating a long-term, natural and sustainable garden.

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Australian made natural garden fertiliser

Australian made natural biological stimulant

Australian made granular, liquid fertiliser

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