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Australian made indian myna trap

Australian made Myna X trap. Trapping Indian Mynas and Starlings.

Are you noticing that Indian Mynas have pushed native birds out from your garden? Do you want native birds to return?

Here is a solution that will rid your garden of Indian mynas.

The Indian Mynas mark out their territory and defend it fiercely, combining and using their superior numbers to keep the Australian native birds away. That is, if any natives in the area have survived the breeding season.

During the breeding season the flock combs its territory for breeding hollows. If any are already occupied by Possums, Sugar Gliders, Rainbow Lorikeets, Corellas or any other bird/ animal species they attack them and eject them from the hollows. If there are eggs or young in the nests they throw them to the ground, the eggs are destroyed, the young killed.

Should the parents attempt to defend their home and young the Indian Mynas keep attacking in large numbers until the defenders are dead or fled.

Indian Myna victims

Any Australian native bird or marsupial that requires tree hollows to live or breed is subject to Indian Myna attack during the nesting season. Any bird or animal that enters the Indian Mynas territory at other times will also be attacked. Indian Mynas do not share territory or food sources willingly.

Uncounted millions of Australian native chicks and marsupial babies die from Indian Myna attacks every year.

You can make a difference in your area by
using the Myna X trap.

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Australian made starling cage

Australian made indian myna cage

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