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Australian made calico aprons, bags

Australian Made Calico Bags, Calico Aprons, Bowls Cloths and Art Smocks. Also Australian Made Paper and Envelopes

Radius Enterprises is classified as an Australian Disability Enterprise. These are commercial businesses that enable people with a disability to engage in a wide variety of work tasks.

At Radius Enterprises over 114 Supported Employees undertake a range of jobs including packaging, assembly, sewing a range of textile goods, screen printing, garden maintenance, hand-made paper production and maintaining drink vending machines.

The work at Radius Enterprises is meaningful, productive and rewarding for the supported employees who are paid according to their capabilities.

Calico Country manufactures calico, canvas and cotton wholesale goods. We specialise in bags, aprons, bowls cloths and art smocks but our ability to produce a vast range of high quality articles is renowned in central Victoria.

Environmental Services takes on large gardening and lawn mowing contracts, as well as providing a residential garden maintenance and lawn mowing service.

Watermark Paper Mill produces finely crafted handmade paper using the 18th century method of water baths, moulds and deckles. It is the only mill in Australia producing paper for commercial sale using the technique. Supported employees produce a vast array of paper which is sold locally and internationally.

Mail house & Packaging offers "hands for hire" for all packaging and assembly requirements, from the simple to the complex.

Thirstbusters services and maintains a fleet of vending machines located in some of Bendigo's biggest and busiest workplaces. All machines are serviced weekly, and on demand, by supported employees with a disability.

Thirstbusters assists people with a disability to visit different organisations and develop working relationships in the broader community.

Multi-skilled supported employees complete a range of tasks, from intricate product assembly to counting and net weighing, to collating and sorting to gluing. Bag packaging, sealing and shrink wrapping are also available.

With a reputation for flexibility and reliability, Packaging & Assembly provides efficient, cost-effective and high quality solutions that save time and money.

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Australian Disability Enterprises, Mail House

Environment Services

Aussie made paper, envelopes

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Business Name: Radius Disability Services Business ID: ABN 72 120 046 095
Phone: 03 5440 8900 Fax: 03 5443 5103
Contact: Enquiries Mobile: Contact via Website
Address: Cnr Havlin & Harcourt Street, Bendigo , VIC , 3550 , Australia Hours: 9 - 5 Monday to Friday, Anytime via website
Area Serviced: National and International Local-made products: 100%

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