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F!NK products are designed by Australian artists and most of the manufacturing processes occur in the F!NK studio. Each object is individually hand finished which results in an object embedded with its own unique charecteristics-more like a piece of art.

Founded in 1993 to manufacture beautifully-designed and innovative household objects, F!NK is not just a showcase for Foster's internationally-renowned exhibition pieces, but a production house for the work of an increasing pool of young designers, and a name synonymous with spirited and distinctive Australian design.

"The Water Jug became the first F!NK product and is still the mainstay of the company. It encapsulates the qualities of F!NK + Co. that have distinguished it since it was established in 1994: distinctive design, rethinking function and technical innovation." Merryn Gates, "Fostering Design: Drawing on a Pool of Raw Talent" Object Magazine Issue 49

F!NK fundamentally challenges the notions that functional is necessarily boring, and that useful and visually exciting are mutually exclusive. While embracing and reinventing the urban and utilitarian, F!NK is shamelessly unafraid of running with quirkiness and frivolity that captures the heart and imagination.

From the iconic F!NK Water Jug to the 'squashed' Storage Vessels to the lustrous, fluid Heart Brooch, F!NK melds refined craftsmanship with shapes and colours largely inspired by the Australian landscape - tropical corals, fish and anemones, endless blue skies, vast ancient deserts.

The Beakers echo the curved lines of the Water Jug and their tactile form fits comfortably in the hand.

The complex shape demanded the development of a specialized pressing tool, and each piece is hand-abraded and sandblasted before it is anodized.

Beakers are packaged in sets of four in same colour or mixed-colour combinations.

The F!NK Tray holds the Water Jug and six Beakers. Its sweeping elegant lines make it a pleasure to carry and it easily stands alone as a striking practical object.

The Tray is available in matt black and bright anodized silver.

F!NK is the promise of modern design excellence, uniting the utmost respect for the design ethic, the quality craftsmanship of yesterday's artisans, the innovation of modern manufacturing techniques and the wit and rigour of designer-founder Robert Foster.

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Australian made jug, jewellery

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Australian made jugs, brooches

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