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Energy, Health & Harmony Pty Ltd (EHH) is an Australian company providing a range of unique Australian made products. These authentic Tesla's Technologies products are made to assist all of us to live harmoniously with all the man made chaotic signals affecting our bodies. Stress is a major issue affecting our body's balance. You cannot see the electrical frequencies passing through the air from mobile phones, TV & radio transmissions nor can you see the frequencies emitting from all your electrical appliances. We at EHH have been helping people live with these frequency problems for over ten years now, none of us can see the chaos, but it is affecting all of us in many ways.

EHH have many products available to assist our environment to return to a more natural state. The World Health Organisation (WHO) have now admitted that there is a problem with the radiation from mobile phones. EHH has had the Phone Tag for over 10 years, this tag is attached to Mobile phones, Cordless phones, plus 2-way-radios, iPods, etc. This Phone Tag alters the biological effects of the radiation coming from these devices. EHH also has the Tesla's Personal Pendant which strengthens your immune system and your personal energy field, thus helping your resistance to the many unseen frequencies. The Pendant also helps with concentration.

In this chaotic world, we are all constantly searching for a safe, comfortable haven where we can find peace. In our attempt to create this haven, we surround ourselves with all the latest electrical technology and modern conveniences, even our cars have all the creature comforts and are computerised, but with all of this, the atmosphere we try to create eludes us.

Many people are strongly aware that something is not quite right, they can feel it, but they can never put their finger on it and they know it's affecting their health. Modern technology has encircled the earth and infused the earth's atmosphere with these non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (frequencies) that have never existed in nature. In our world there is alternating current (AC), digital microwave signals (mobile phones), Radar, TV and Radio transmissions and all of these are unnatural and all are of different frequencies, this is done without any understanding of the full biological effects on both the earth and its inhabitants.

Finding the answer

After much research and development we at EHH have found there is an answer to this polluting EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) and EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) environment. We call it the House Kit - it assists in improving our environment, including clearing Geopathic Stress. Clients are able to cover their home, workplace, car, phones, water and bodies with these Tesla's Technology products and at an affordable price.

Now you can enjoy the atmosphere your body craves for. This is a once only purchase, as the effects of these products last a life time. The products in the House Kit are transportable, when you move house you can easily take them with you.

Tesla's products can be used in the work place to improve productivity and relationships.

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The House Kit...
Australian made

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Business Name: Energy Health & Harmony Business ID: ABN: 96 127 521 779
Phone: 07 54561777 /1800 219 221 Fax: 617 5456 1755
Contact: Bronwen or Richard Mobile: 0411 598 581
Address: PO Box 89, Buderim, QLD, 4556, Australia Hours: Anytime via Website
Area Serviced: National and International Local-made products: 100%

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