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Fantastic Snacks.

We are an Australian owned company that has taken traditional Japanese food ideas - such as rice crackers and noodle cups - and have redefined them in pursuit of one goal.

At Fantastic Snacks we are not defined by our products or our heritage. Some of our products may be convenient, some may be better for you than other snacking options - but that's not what we strive for. We are defined by our commitment to making good quality products that simply...
Taste Fantastic.

Broth Noodle Cups

It is hard to go past Fantastic Cups if you are looking for a tasty and convenient snack. Fantastic's broth Noodle Cups offer a convenient, tasty snack in a range of great tasting flavours including Chicken, Beef, Lamb Kebab, Pepperoni and Oriental. By simply adding boiling water, in three minutes you will have a snack that tastes Fantastic!

Xtra Saucy
Fantastic's Xtra Saucy noodles have had a facelift. The Xtra Saucy cups are now available in a redesigned 75g cup but still feature their unmistakable thick, tasty sauce. They are available in four flavours; Chicken Chow Mein, Beef Teriyaki, Roast Chicken and Hot & Spicy.

Intense Flavour Noodles
Intense Flavour Noodles are all about taste. Intense Flavour noodles are for people that are passionate about taste and love the intensity of flavours found in international cuisines. The range includes; Portuguese Piri-Piri, Indian Vindaloo and Spicy Jamaican flavours.

Fantastic Pasta Cups
Fantastic Pasta Cups are a great alternative for a convenient snack or meal at any time of the day. Available in a range of great tasting flavours including Macaroni & Cheese and Bacon & Cheese - simply add boiling water, stir and wait for three to four minutes.

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Australian owned noodles, hot snacks

Australian made and owned food, fast noodles

Australian owned food, Aussie made noodles

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Business Name: Fantastic Business ID:
Phone: (08) 8334 8290 Fax: (08) 8261 0265
Contact: Enquiries Mobile: Contact via Website
Address: 4 Boden Court, Windsor Gardens , SA , 5087, Australia Hours: Available at all major supermarkets
Area Serviced: National and International Local-made products: 90%

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