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The cool, even climate of the King Valley encourages a wide range of grape varieties to flourish, with the long ripening season providing the time for flavours to develop.

Across our vineyards, the result for us is that it is the perfect place to grow and make not only the varieties that wine lovers are very familiar with (such as riesling, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and shiraz) but also indulge our passion for exploring innovation with Italian varieties.

Otto's family history with vines in the Veneto region of Italy guaranteed that one day he would look to plant the varieties from the old country here. Prosecco, arneis, pinot grigio, barbera and sangiovese have now found a new home here, with our acclaimed prosecco being the first Australian made version in the marketplace.

Otto was born and raised in Valdobbiadene in northeastern Italy - a place renowned for its stone houses, citadels and winemaking. His love of viticulture, appreciation of fine wine and dedication to the highest standards were instilled from an early age.

In 1967, Otto migrated from Italy to the King Valley in the foothills of the Victorian Alps in northeast Victoria with his wife Elena. Otto and Elena used their agricultural experience to grow tobacco as share farmers until shrinking demand set the decline of the local industry. With the purchase of an additional property in nearby Cheshunt in 1987 came the exciting opportunity for Otto to return to his oenophilic roots.

The couple planted chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon vines on this new property, and Dal Zotto Wines was born. Their approach combines the best of traditional Italian methods alongside more modern, 'new-world winemaking techniques. With the expansion of the winery in 1994 came the opportunity for Otto to introduce Italian varietals into the vineyard - barbera, sangiovese, pinot grigio, arneis and, importantly, prosecco - a varietal and wine style that is the foundation of Otto's Italian hometown, and now the signature wine of the Dal Zotto range.

A second generation of Dal Zottos has joined Otto and Elena in their ongoing vision with sons Michael as winemaker and Christian as marketing manager. And with plenty of grandchildren, the Dal Zotto story is truly just beginning...

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Business Name: Dal Zotto Wine Business ID: ABN 51 070 316 451
Phone: 03 5729 8321 Fax: 03 5729 8490
Contact: Cellar Door Mobile: NA
Address: 4861 Wangaratta-Whitfield Road Whitfield , Victoria, 3733, Australia Hours: Cellar Door 10 - 5 daily.
Area Serviced: International Local-made products: 100%

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