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Little Creatures was built to make great beer and hopefully that is what we do . . . As beer makers, we try and test ourselves everyday in an effort to keep improving and are always looking for little ways to make our beer just that bit better.

Over the years since we started here in Fremantle the brewery itself has grown and developed to where it is today . . . journey that has certainly been a challenge but ultimately rewarding. Our cracker of a new brew-house has recently been commissioned, allowing us to brew not only more beer on site in Fremantle but brew it with a far greater nod to our environment, utilising cutting edge technology.

Next time you're in Fremantle make sure you drop by to say hi and have a good look around the Brewery . . . look out for us brewers, we’re the one's in the bright orange shirts and if you catch us at the bar (which there's a very good chance of) don't be afraid to say g'day and share a yarn... it's all in the name of great beer!

Pale Ale

We love our Pale Ale. Many of us from the brewery have made pilgrimages around the world in search of great varieties of this wonderful style. Surprisingly, there are no great secrets to brewing this type of ale but there are most definitely no great shortcuts.

Original Pilsner

A refreshing and elegant lager styled on the classic European pilsners that use the finest ingredients and enjoy an extended fermentation period. Tasmanian Hallertau, New Zealand Pacifica and Czech Saaz hops are added throughout the brewing process giving a light flavour and crisp Bitterness. 4.6% alc.


Velvet smooth, Rogers weaves together the best whole hop flowers and toasted malts into a silky session ale like no other. Light, citrus hop notes roll gently into roasted hazelnut, toffee and caramel malt flavours, creating easy-drinking ale of flavour and finesse. With a Rogers in one hand and a pair of BBQ tongs in the other, we salute Roger Bailey and Roger Bussell, two legends of local brewing who continue to guide and inspire. Cheers! 3.8%

Bright Ale

Sunshine in a glass, Bright Ale is a happy little beer that glows with sparkling golden Vienna and Cara malts and our own local pale malt. To these, heady summer fruit aromas of luscious pineapple, passionfruit and melon are extracted with a generous addition of whole Cascade and Motueka hop flowers. Absolutely delicious. Crisp and clean, fresh and fragrant, Bright Ale captures the breezy West Coast style we love so much. 4.5%

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Australian made beer, ale, lager

Aussie made beer, plae ale, pilsner

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