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Australian made cedar saunas, hot tubs

Australian Made Cedar Hot Tubs, Saunas

Ukko Saunas and Hot Tubs is Australian manufacturer and supplier of traditional Finnish saunas and original Cedar hot tubs.

No matter where you are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or any other place in Australia, we can deliver to your door.

All our Hot Tubs are made from the best grade "A" Clear Western Red Cedar, which has an aromatic scent. Its resilience to decay has long been recognized.

Cedar's fibrous structure makes it an ideal wood for water tightness and insulation. This is why cedar is the wood of choice for outdoor Hot Tubs.

We take the time-tested art of barrel making to extreme measures by using modern technologies such as - Computer Aided Milling and Computer Aided Design. Our state of the art Milling guarantees 100% accuracy.

The high level of quality control of all Ukko Hot Tubs guarantees to all our customers a lifetime of enjoyment.

Why Choose Ukko Tubs?

- No Silicon is used between the staves on Ukko Tubs ensuring a long lasting natural seal as timber lasts longer than Silicon

- The floors on Ukko Tubs are equal in thickness to the walls (38mm)

- All joints are quality tested in our warehouse before delivery

- Only the best "A" clear Western Red Cedar is used in the manufacture of Ukko Tubs

- The face of the individual staves is 120mm making the Hydro Air jets to sit flush to the wall of the tub

- Ukko Tubs are delivered in kit form and assembled on site allowing access to difficult locations

- A complete easy to follow installation manual is provided for the DIY enthusiasts

For more information click here to visit the Ukko Sauna and Tubs website . .

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