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Australian grown olive oil, macadamia oil

Australian Grown and Made Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil.

Award Winning Extra Virgin infused Olive Oils and Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil

Rosedale Park's Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the Grand Champion prize at the 2010 Sydney Royal Show. It has no cholesterol or carbohydrates and has an acidity level of 0.1% at bottling time. (The definition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that it must have an acidity level below 0.8%).

Our Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil is sourced from the Nambucca Heads region and has an extremely high smoke point, meaning that the oil can be heated to a lot higher temperature before it turns to trans-fatty acids. (Oil that has turned to trans-fatty acids should be discarded as it has become carcinogenic). Macadamia Oil is the healthiest edible oil in the world.

Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil 1 litre

Our cold pressed Macadamia Oil is a golden coloured gourmet oil with the nutty sweet taste of Macadamia Nuts and is regarded as one of the healthiest edible oils in the world. Being cold pressed, it contains no additives and has not lost any of its nutritional values.

Macadamia Oil tolerates high temperatures with a smoke point above 200 C and a flash point at 252 C.

Once oil heats up to and above its smoke point, it starts to transform into trans fatty acids (the bad ones) and should be discarded. For comparison, olive oil has a smoke point of 145 C, canola oil 175 C and sunflower oil 148 C.

Recent research into the rate sugar is released into the blood stream (glycaemic index) has shown that certain foods slow the rate of absorption and therefore are better at keeping our energy levels up. Foods high in oil, particularly monosaturates, have a low GI and so are great for providing sustained energy.

Macadamia Oil has monosaturated fat levels around 84%, higher than any of the other major cooking oils, polyunsaturated fat level of around 2% (lowest of other major cooking oils), and a saturated fat level around 14%.

The nutty, sweet aroma enhances natural food flavours. It is an essentail ingredient for salad dressings, stir-fries, baking and pan-frying. Try it as a delicious dipping oil or serve with your favourite dukka.

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