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Lifestyle Boats Queensland is a small to medium size, vibrant boat manufacturing company which was established in 2000.

Soon after the business was established, the first Allrounder 6.7 metre boats were sold. These boats were designed with commercial survey applications as well as general recreational use in mind.

The 6700 Allrounder was developed by Chris Reynolds and the Lifestyle Boats team, who have over 70 years collective experience working for large, well known companies.

Over 45 individual fibreglass moulds were designed and created to form the 6700 Allrounder power boat.

There have been several favourable magazine articles about our 6700 Allrounder boat and the personalized attention we give to customers. We don't mass produce, we guarantee our work and we concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

We believe we offer better value by manufacturing stainless steel fittings, rails, upholstery on our premises where we do all our construction. We also offer a high degree of customisation to an individual's boat.

Lifestyle Boats is constantly putting effort into research and development of fibreglass multi-hull power boats and we've recently released the X-7400 Allrounder which is, fundamentally, a larger version of the 6700 Allrounder tri-hull boat.

Our boats are built to the same standard of lay-up (strength) and design as if it was being put into survey, for example, Coast Guard, Volunteer Marine Rescue & Water Police are all interested in our boats.

There is a wide range of electronic gear available and we can advise what is suitable for you and your intended use for the boat.

You have choices in boat colour in the decks.

Options for our boats are endless. You don't need to purchase through a boat dealer.


We can now offer repairs and refits for boats and yachts. Our services include:

- Fibreglass manufacturing
- Stainless steel fabrication
- Trailer repairs
- Electrical work
- Vinyl trim work

Lifestyle Boats have experienced trades people available in all areas of boating.

We offer competitive pricing for boat repairs and boat refits.

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Aussie made boats, family boats, commercial boats

Aussie made fibreglass boats, lifestyle boats

Australian made customised boats, fishing diving

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Business Name: Lifestyle Boats Business ID:
Phone: 07 5491 8788 Fax: 07 5491 8744
Contact: Chris and Fran Mobile: 0413 135 666
Address: 16 Industrial Ave, Caloundra , Queensland, 4551, Australia Hours: Anytime via Website
Area Serviced: National and International Local-made products: 100%

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