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The Marysville region is OPEN for BUSINESS.

A little history of the region....

From the top of Black's Spur at Dom Dom Saddle the majesty and beauty of the Mystic Mountains unfolds with spectacular views across the Acheron Valley to the peaks of Lake Mountain and The Cathedral.

With the discovery of gold at Enoch's point in 1857 and subsequent discoveries at Woods Point and Jamieson, the population of the area is reported to have reached 6000 miners by 1861.

By this time it was clear to the government that improved access to "the fields" was vital to allow the transport of modern machinery required for effective mining. Numerous surveying teams conceived plans for access tracks, most of which led from the gold mining settlements, one even as far a field as Sale in Gippsland. In 1864 the recently appointed Assistant Commissioner of Roads and Bridges, Mr John Steavenson moved into the area to oversee the work of his surveyors.

They had chosen a route over the Blacks Spur similar to the road that winds across the Great Dividing Range today. With his new bride Mary, Mr Steavenson settled in to "the camp", which was soon to become known as Marysville in honour of his wife.

With the completion of the improved access road in 1864 came order and enterprise. General stores, butchers, bakeries, hotels and a postal service sprang up. Marysville has become a major stop over for miners and traders. In 1865 farming commenced following the first land sales and a Postmaster was appointed to handle the ever-increasing volume of mail.

By the 1920's Marysville had evolved into one of the most popular honeymoon and resort towns within easy reach of Melbourne. Traditional guesthouses graced the wooded slopes around the town and all boasted a range of modern facilities.

Timber industry was also a predominate part of Marysville history.

Events of February 2009 are now creating another chapter of Marysville history.

Visit the Marysville region and help make the next chapter of the Marysville's history a great one.

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