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Australian Made High Quality Professional Cleaning Products for Household & Office.
Carpet, Upholstery, Fabric, Antimicrobial

Bebrite proudly offers a large number of cleaning products, which will give the user confidence that the products are effective, they are application specific, and they are clearly transparently described as environmentally friendly.

"You can breathe easy with Bebrite".

Bebrite cleaning products cover the broadest possible range to suit your cleaning needs.

- Cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, dining and lounge furniture, leather, upholstery, carpets.

- To exterior home and building cleaning products.

- To pet care products, boat care products, car care products.

- And a myriad of other cleaning products that every household needs at some point in time.

Bebrite not only focuses on environmentally friendly, biodegradable, cleaning products, but on their affordability too.

Bebrite stands alone and is proud of its achievements in the cleaning industry. Bebrite is one of the few cleaning product manufacturers who offer full disclosure on all their cleaning products.

The entire range of products exhibited on line, have PDS, disclosure statements, and MSDS, material safety disclosure statements, available for customers to view. Every cleaning product has it biodegradability % statement alongside the product use description.

As an industry leader in cleaning, Bebrite has also developed an extensive and exclusive range of professional specialty cleaning products including antimicrobial treatments, which destroy contaminants and yet are safe to use around food preparation areas.

Also a cosmetic based hand wash containing antimicrobial and Aloe Vera has also been developed which is gentle on the hands, as it does not contain soap.

Striving for excellence in service and the production of an extensive and exclusive range of cleaning products is Bebrite's vision for the future.

Bebrite's aim is to minimise environmental damage by encouraging people to use cleaning products, which do not harm, debilitate or denigrate our fragile planet.

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Australian made carpet cleaning products

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Business Name: Bebrite Cleaning Product Business ID: ACN 063 053 583
Phone: 1300 131 664 Fax: (02) 9450 2844
Contact: Enquiries Mobile:
Address: Unit 5, 4 Narabang Way, Belrose , NSW, 2085, Australia Hours: Head Office is open from 8.30am through until 5pm, Monday through Friday
Area Serviced: Products available nationally, cleaning services available NSW and ACT Local-made products: 100%

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