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Victorian based Ozanam Enterprises is Southern Melbourne's premier contract packaging and assembly provider servicing many major Australian and International companies.

Established in 1976, Ozanam Enterprises provides experienced personnel to carry out your production, packaging or timber manufacture requirements.

With its huge workforce on hand, large scale factory premises (over 3000 square metres), as well as full logistics and warehouse loading/unloading facilities, Ozanam Enterprises has the capacity to handle all your packaging requirements, no matter what the size or quantity.

Ozanam Enterprises is a fully professional accredited business with safety and workplace practices that are second to none. We take pride in our work and our staff and, our management teams are dedicated to our success. Ozanam Enterprises is the solution you have been looking for.

Ozanam Enterprises also specialises in manufacturing a range of timber products for wholesale or retail sale. A range of timber products can be made to order and to meet your specific requirements.Ozanam Enterprises also specialises in manufacturing a range of timber products for wholesale or retail sale.

A range of timber products can be made to order and to meet your specific requirements.

Repetitive packaging and labour intensive assembly is our speciality.

Not sure how you want your goods packaged? Ozanam can provide to you our expertise in the research and development of your product packaging requirements.

We are highly skilled in:
General packaging
If you need something packed, sealed, labelled or sorted Ozanam Enterprises is the place. Contact us if you have a product that you are undecided about how to package and we will advise you on the newest, most innovative and efficient way to meet your requirements with no obligation. Any packaging problems that appear too large, overwhelming or excessively complex, Ozanam Enterprises could assist with your packaging solutions for your business.

Our teams can assemble products of low or high volume from the most simple to complex.

Ozanam Enterprises provides a range of mechanised or automated sortation techniques that can cater for your requirements.

Be it heat sealing, header cards, clam shell or pouches we can assist in the sealing and packaging of your product.

Collating & Bulk mailouts
Mailouts of monthly invoices, newsletter or brochures can take up your staff's time that could be better utilised elsewhere. Let us help by taking over this repetitive task. Using the latest equipment we can fold documents, seal and mailout thousands of envelopes within 48 hours.

Buy Australian Made is proud to support Ozanam Enterprises.

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Business Name: Ozanam Enterprises Business ID: Not For Profit
Phone: 03 5975 5341 Fax: 03 5975 9640
Contact: Enquiries Mobile:
Address: 59-61 Yuilles Road, Mornington , Vic, 3931, Australia Hours: 9 - 5 Monday to Friday, Anytime Via Website
Area Serviced: National Local-made products: 100%

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