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Australian made lanolin products for lubrication and moisture repellent

Australian Made Natural Lubricate and Moisture Barrier. Protects, Preserves and Penetrates. Biodegradeable

Lanotec, a proudly Australian company has been producing lanolin-based products for industrial and domestic use since 1998.

Lanotec offers a range of products that are biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic and is the largest producer of lanolin-based products in Australia.

Lanolin, a unique natural substance derived from the greasy coating on raw wool, is an all-natural, highly effective substance which acts as a moisture barrier and lubricant.

In today's environmentally conscious society, all natural products are the way of the future.

- Biodegradeable
- Natural protection
- Protects
- Penetrates
- Lubricates
- Preserves
- Acid and salt resistant (salt spray test to AS2331)
- Resistance to moisture, salt, mineral acids and most alkalis
- Non-conductive - Lanolin products tested to 70kV
- Citra-Force products tested to 30kV
- Corrosion Inhibitor - remains pro-active
- Cutting and drilling aid
- Anti-seize

Australians are not the only ones recognising the value of the Lanotec range, with several Lanotec products now being exported overseas to New Zealand, Asia, Papua New Guinea and parts of Europe.

Lanotec is a proud supporter of local farmers, purchasing 100% of their crude lanolin from Australian scourers. This support of the Australian farming industry is imperative as an increasing number of scourers are closing down and moving production offshore where costs are significantly lower.

Commitment to Testing
The Lanotec range is manufactured to strict quality standards and independent application testing using NATA certified laboratories to set Lanotec apart with "TESTED & PROVEN PRODUCTS".

For further information on product testing results and products, click text or an image to visit the Lanotec website . . .

Industrial and domestic, mining, aquatic, farming

general lubrication, Biodegradeable,  Natural protection

use for timber, marine, household, automotive

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Business Name: Lanotec Australia Business ID:
Phone: 07 3373 3700 Fax: 07 3373 3777
Contact: Enquiries Mobile: Contact via Website
Address: PO Box 360, Archerfield , QLD, 4108, Australia Hours: 9 - 5 Monday to Friday, Representatives in all States
Area Serviced: National and International Local-made products: 100%

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