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Australian made Australian Lavender Essentials, Discover the Beauty and Fragrance of Fine Handmade Lavender Products, aromatherapy

Australian Lavender Essentials makes 90 fine, handmade, natural lavender and emu oil products for aromatherapy, beauty, gifts, culinary and household use.

The product range has been developed through much research, particularly through books, recipes and journals dating back over 200 years. The Lavender used in all of our products is farmed in Australia by Members of the Australian Lavender Growers Association.

Lavender is commonly recognised as an English and French plant but is in fact grown worldwide. Medieval and Renaissance women were known as "Lavenders" because they used Lavender sprigs in their stored linen and dried clothing draped over Lavender bushes.

For centuries Lavender has been used for bathing, healing and calming. It is renowned for pain relief of headaches, dizziness and digestive problems.

The purchase and use of Lavender, the growing of Lavender in the garden, follows a tradition over many cultures and spans millennia. Popular medicine in Provence describes its soothing, antiseptic, healing and gastric properties. Lavender has also traditionally been used to kill worms in children, and to fight against lice and insect bites.

Today, lavender's many constituent parts have been analysed and their wide therapeutic properties have been recognised. Essential oil of lavender enters into the composition of several pharmaceutical preparations including antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory products.

Natural cosmetics and skin care products are in demand around the world. Many people have developed skin allergies due to harmful synthetics and chemicals in cosmetics.

We aim to provide an all Australian, all natural alternative skin care range. Organic and natural botanicals are a great way to have beautiful skin.

Our range of lavender products is based on natural and organic oils derived from Australian grown lavender and botanicals. Just pick your category of interest from the left hand menu.

Our Day Spa Range aims to provide a simple range of natural skin care products to promote wellness and beauty.

We source only the best quality minerals, vitamins, oils and botanicals from Australia. Our product is designed as a boutique range of the discerning client at home or in the beauty profession.

Australian Lavender Essentials has an extensive range of products for the home, culinary, sports injuries, gifts, babies, children and beauty.... 90 different products. Plus there is lots of information about the benefits of lavender and other oils including Emu Oil available on the website.

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