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Melvelle engineering, Australian made light weight, high powered hydraulic products

Melvelle Engineering - Australian Made - Earth & Rock Drilling, Railway Equipment, Power Packs, Electrical Cable Equipment. Speciality is manufacturing light weight, high powered hydraulic products.

Melvelle Engineering has specialised in the design and manufacture of light weight high powered products, principally for railway track maintenance, earth drilling and investigation drilling rigs, hydraulic power packs ranging from 5 to 30 horse power in both petrol and diesel as well as a few other sundry products, excelling all similar products made any where else in the world.

There are some 250 products and variations on the price list at present with a range of new products being prototyped, tested, field trialed and finally released as an ongoing development programme. The products typically reflect the practical nature of simple maintenance, robust construction, and outstanding performance.

Melvelle Engineering have a select group of foundries and subcontractors where quality products at the right price on time and every time is the main selection criteria. These companies are on the Melvelle Engineering controlled list and enable them to produce in the order of 30 machines per month (with planning lead times), and still maintain the quality of the product.

The work shop is equipped with modern computer controlled machines, together with grinding, milling, slotting, pressing, welding and general turning machines. This enables Melvelle to choose to fully manufacture the products "in house" or sublet certain elements in order to meet scheduled requirements. All assembly and testing of final product is carried out at the plant and none is carried out by subcontractors.

Melvelle Engineering is a totally Australian company, committed to quality products & customer service, growing successfully with superior products despite strong European and American competition.

We are selling to the world because our happy customers are recommending us to new customers. Our business is operated with honesty, integrity & continual excellence.

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Australian made earth, rock, concrete drilling, railway equipment
Australian Made Earth & Rock Drilling - Railway Equipment - Power Packs - Electrical Cable Equipment
Australian Made railway spike puller, rail grinder, weld shearer, nut driver, unscrewing, hydraulic

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Business Name: Melvelle Equipment Corp Pty Ltd Business ID: ACN 003 553 044
Phone: +61 (0)2 49515 244 Fax: +61 (0)2 49501 291
Contact: Inquiries Mobile:
Address: 8 Rogilla Close, Wallsend, NSW , 2287, Australia Hours: 9 - 5 Monday to Friday, Anytime Via Website
Area Serviced: International Local-made products: 90%

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