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Australian Grown Dried Fruit

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

Australian Grown Dried Fruit

Tropical Harvest

In these days when so much of the dried fruit on supermarket shelves are imported it is nice to know that there are Australian grown choices like the dried fruit from Tropical Harvest…

Tropical Harvest QLD pty ltd is the business name of Kelvin and Linda Abell’s fruit-drying operation in rural North Queensland.

They process 100% Australian raw fruit into delicious, sulphur-free and additive-free bitesize pieces to be enjoyed as a snack or used in a variety of cooking and baking methods. As the processor of the fruit, they are in a position to offer these delicious dried fruits directly to you, the customer.

Located just outside of Tully, named as “Australia’s wettest town”, in the foothills of the beautiful Wet Tropics of North Queensland World Heritage Site. Their rural location allows them to source the majority of their fruit from local growers, reducing the environmental impact of transport all of the excess water!

Tropical Harvest has been in business for a decade, gradually converting their banana and papaya plantation into a series of dryers and processing rooms. Over the years, their independent status has allowed them to experiment with different fruits and methods of drying – always ensuring that the fruit was dried without additives, preservatives or sulphur.

The online business has traditionally been a side project to their primary wholesale and face-to-face businesses; however, with more and more customers contacting them directly, they decided to offer a direct selling platform and was born!

And aren’t we ALL glad of that!!!!

Visit the Tropical Harvest BAM brochure, HERE. Click the brochure to visit the Tropical Harvest website.

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