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Australian made padpod

padpod essential for all tablet users

padpod perfectly describes this must have accessory for people who use a tablet device like an iPad, eReader or smartphone to watch movies, play games, read books or attend to emails. You will do it a lot more comfortable with a padpod wherever you are.

A padpod can even be used to support books…. that’s right REAL BOOKS made from paper.

As with everything featured on the BuyAustralianMade website and BuyAusMAde app the padpod is made in Australia.

One of the many advantages with the padpod is that they are fully adjustable, so everyone can make the padpod perfectly fit their style.

Not only is the padpod story is a great one, the story starts by the padpod being invented by a 13 year old girl to help her grandmother use a tablet more easily. As the say the rest is history, with padpods now being sold both online and in outlets all around Australia.

If you want to use your tablet, smart phone or e-reader more comfortably then CLICK HERE to find out more and to order yours online…


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