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Launching BuyAustralianMade Direct

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

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BuyAustralianMade Direct will be officially launched by founder Stephen Gately and Federal Senators John Madigan and Nick Xenophon on November 13 in  Melbourne.

Also attending the launch will be the inaugural group of BAM Direct shoppers and a number of manufacturers participating in the BAM Direct initiative.

Founder Stephen Gately said there is a large number of shoppers growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of choice of Australian made items on the shelves of large retailers.

“The idea of connecting shoppers directly to the Australian Manufacturers made a lot of sense. By shoppers buying in bulk direct from participating Australian manufacturers not only are the shoppers buying  products at a discount they are directly supporting Australian manufacturers.  This is a win for shoppers and a win for Aussie manufacturers,” he said.

“BuyAustralianMade Direct not only makes it easy for shoppers and other businesses to find Australian made products, it helps farmers promote their produce and also provides the Australian services sector with an effective way to reach users. ”

Senator Madigan was proud to be a supporter of the cause, saying Australian manufacturers deserved the support and recognition of consumers.”

“Australian manufacturers deliver great products while paying work cover, superannuation and penalty rates,” he said.

“I believe we should be supporting Australian manufacturers and companies that give back to the community.”

“Local, state and federal government should have procurement policy that takes into account the value sociable, economic and environmental benefits that come from purchasing Australian manufactured products.”

Senator Nick Xenophon, who will be unable to attend the launch, said the initiative was imperative that both politicians and the public supported the BuyAustralianMade project.

“In the past few years we have seen scores of job losses in the Australian manufacturing industry,” Nick said.

“It’s becoming increasingly important that we do all we can to support locally made products and services.”

BuyAustralianMade founder Stephen  Gately said the company “began in 2009 and now promotes hundreds of businesses, employing tens of thousands of people making thousands of products and delivering hundreds of services.”

“The website BuyAustralianMadeDirect showcases everything from Tshirts and socks through to tea, olive oil, biscuits, detergents and other household items. Even more Australian made manufacturers and Australian made items will be added to BAM Direct.”

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