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Celebrating Australia Day with Chinese made items

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

This article appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily…

THE Federal Government should consider ways to make sure Australia Day products were made in Australia, former Australia Day Committee chairman Lisa Curry said yesterday.

She was speaking after it was revealed that most Australia Day products – from flags to stubby holders – available on the Sunshine Coast were manufactured overseas.

Ms Curry, who headed the committee that weighs up national Australia Day honours, said the country’s national day was important, as was supporting Australian business.

“IT’S obviously better all round if the products can be made in Australia – particularly those that are being sold in association with Australia Day,” she said.

Ms Curry (pictured) said the Federal Government could consider assisting Australian businesses that manufactured items carrying images of the Australian flag.

And she agreed that, alternatively, the government could consider banning imports that carried Australian flag images.

“The reality of the situation is that times are tough our there, and if people want a flag to celebrate our national day, they are more likely to pay $5 than $30,” she said

“But if the Australian-made products’ prices were more competitive, that’s something else altogether.”

The overseas products, some which have packaging saying they are “Australian designed”, are being sold across the Coast, from cheaper, discount stores to the retail giants.

However, the boss of an online website that promotes Australian-made products said Australian flags and products manufactured in this country were not that much dearer than imported items.’s Stephen Gately said China funded its manufacturing industries, which had the benefit of cheaper utilities, such as electricity.

Mr Gately said bigger Australian retailers were after as much profit as they could muster – and Australia Day products were not immune.

He said there were Australian companies that produced good products for reasonable prices.

His Melbourne-based website lists at least two companies that manufacture Australian flags and associated products.

Should Australia Day merchandise be made in Australia?

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One Response to Celebrating Australia Day with Chinese made items

  1. Bill says:

    I was thinking the same thing my self. I think it is deplorable that ANY item referring to Australian Day and/or that have the Australian flag depicted, in full or partiall, should be allowed to be made by an enterprise that is wholly owned and made in Australia.

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