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What sort of Australia do you want in 20 years time?

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

Mines in Australia

Mine sites in Australia

The Australia I want to live in – treats people with respect, still makes things, is capable of being self-sustaining, determines its own future, provides an increasing range of employment opportunities, encourages people to have a go and has maximized the opportunities of our natural resources.

I believe that it makes no sense that we are selling our natural resources for $100’s per tonne and then importing them back at $10,000’s per tonne as finished products.

I believe we must value add the natural resources, by refining and manufacturing.

I believe buying Australian grown produce is better for our health, the environment and our farmers future.

Other people believe

  • we don’t need a manufacturing sector
  • we should be importing produce that we already grow in Australia
  • we should be taking our services offshore
  • the mining sector alone will secure the future of our nation

What do you believe?

At BuyAustralianMade we support Australian Manufacturing, Australian Growers and Australian delivered services by promoting their products and making it easy for shoppers and others to find them.

You can . . .   

Help create employment opportunities for your neighbours, your kids, your kids kids and yourself

Help businesses invest in research and development, drive innovation and develop new ways of doing things

Help build a more sustainable Australia

What you buy will help decide the sort of Australia that we all live in.

Support Australian Manufacturing, Australian Growers and Australian Delivered Services by buying their products and services

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One Response to What sort of Australia do you want in 20 years time?

  1. Nick says:

    You state on this site that you want to support Aussie manufacturing, yet nowhere here can I see mention of Aussie-made vehicles!!! Surely, the second most expensive item most of us will buy should be included, especially considering the pressure the industry is currently under.

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