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It is important to manufacture in Australia.

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

Industry, unions, and Government have met to discuss manufacturing in Australia.

I hope they examined these points in their discussions….

  • Manufacturing is responsible for lots of innovation. Without innovation how are we expected to develop new technologies and new industries. 
  • Manufacturing spends a lot of money on research and development according to an article written by Roy Green ( Dean of UTS Business School) the amount spent on R&D is around $4.5 billion every year.
  • Manufacturing contributes to our external trade balance. We just don’t export stuff dug out of the ground, we need to have other sectors contributing to ensure our trade balance is favourable.
  • Manufacturing employs over 1 million people, 5 times more than mining.
  • There are many businesses who rely on the manufacturing sector to use their services, these businesses also employ people. Wthout a vibrant manufacturing sector many of these bsuinesses would close down. The knock-on effect when Pac Brands shifted production offshore showed this, 1000′s more lost jobs as a result of manufacturing being shifted offshore.
  • Current mining exports are not enough to offset the increase in the number of imports resulting in our trade balance being unfavourable. We need to increase consumption of our onshore manufactured products and reduce imports.
  • Germany is one of the few European countries which is not in financial turmoil. They have a strong and growing manufacturing sector, shouldn’t we be learning from that.
  • High wages in Australia when compared against Asia is a simplistic reason to why decisions are made to shift manufacturing offshore.
  • The amount of home manufactured products used in the mining sector is ONLY 10% of total useage.
  • The manufacturing sector employs one in five engineers and provides core skills development which then can be deployed into other sectors.
  • Without a sound manufacturing sector we are at risk of loosing skills, IP and research that have taken generation to build  but little more than a generation to dismantle

A vibrant Australian manufacturing is not about being protectionist it is about be SMART and thinking of the FUTURE and NOT putting short term profits ahead of what is the RIGHT thing to do.

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One Response to It is important to manufacture in Australia.

  1. Peter Watson says:

    You have highlighted some very good points in this articles. Well done! I still find it hard to believe that we put international economies ahead of Australian economies in some cases. It just doesn’t make sense! “Short term gain, long term pain” in my opinion.

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