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Australian Manufacturing

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

There is a lot of discussion about Australian manufacturing at the moment AND so there should be. But it should not stop at discussion there needs to be action otherwise future generations in Australia will be burdened with an insecure future in many different ways.

Lets look at some facts…

  • Currently manufacturing in Australia employs around 1 million people, representing around 10% of the workforce
  • Mining employs around 200 000 people, 2% of the workforce
  • Employment in manufacturing has been in decline since the 1980′s when the Australian dollar was floated
  • Large employers in manufacturing started moving operations offshore in the 90′s searching for lower wages
  • The majority of the jobs in manufacturing are in businesses employing less than 100 people


  • In 2010 Manufacturing contributed more to GDP than mining

    Manufacturing GDP

    GDP Contribution by sector


Other countries are now regretting the days when they let manufacturing diminish. Now all they are left with are service industries which are internally focused and bring in limited external currency. 

Skills have been lost that are required to run effective manufacturing and future choices for the economy have been reduced. Add national security to the mix and the overall picture is not a positive one for these economies.

My view is that a strong and growing manufacturing sector in Australia must be seen as a core sector to provide options and security to this nations.  We should not be letting short term circumstances like the high Australian dollar, subsidised offshore manufacturing and the “supposed” global level playing field decimate the Australian manufacturing sector.

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