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Lets help our farmers get over the floods

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

Everyone has seen the impact of the floods across large areas of the eastern states of Australia. The floods in Queensland covered a greater area than Germany and France combined, when I read that I had to read it twice to make sure that I wasn’t imagining things. Also there has been significant damage in northern NSW and in central and north western Victoria. Some places in Victoria are still waiting for the flood waters to get to them.

The impact of these floods has been massive and will be felt for a longtime.

One of the impacts has been the perceived quality of fruit and vegetables on the supermarket shelves. Some supermarkets are now saying that they may well have to increase the amounts and range imported to cover the shortfall of “high quality” fruit and veg.

I am concerned that if imports are increased now, it may become a more permanent situation making it more difficult for our farmers to remain profitable in the future.

There is an alternative if shoppers were prepared to buy slightly imperfect fruit and veg then Australian farmers from what I have read will be able to continue supplying all the fruit and veg required and imports will not be needed to be increased. 

The nutrition or taste will be the same, it just may not look “perfect”.
We need to let the supermarkets and green grocers know that we prefer Australian grown fruit and veg on the shelves rather than imported products.

And we as shoppers need to be a little less fussy on what the fruit and veg looks like, a slight blemish doesn’t mean that it is not suitable for purchase.

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One Response to Lets help our farmers get over the floods

  1. Linda says:

    I’ve continued to buy bananas all year despite the price hikes. Given the nutritional value they are still a lot cheaper than chocolate or other junk snacks. Given the influential lobby group that is the banana growers why aren’t
    other growers yielding the same power as they do. Obviously they are highly powerful with the govt. I don’t care if ther’s a blemish on fruit rather buy organic or grow my own. Consumers want fruit to look like plastic these days and it tastes similar.

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