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Victoria – Youth unemployment 28%

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

Victoria has the highest youth unemployment in Australia is not a record to be proud of.

According to an article written by Paul Bird (Mission Australia’s Victorian state director) which recently appeared in The Age the region bounded by the suburbs of Bruswick, Sunbury and Kalkallo 55% of 15 – 19 year olds are not in full time work or education. That wasn’t a typo, yes…

You don’t have to be a social economist to work out what impact that is having on those communities right now. Just have a think for 30 seconds what that will mean in 5, 10 or 30 years time. What a waste of potential!

Youth unemployment is 28% across Victoria – the worst in the Australia. No doubt there are other regions across Australian which are also having difficulty with youth unemployment. Many find that there are few employment opportunities for youth locally.

Paul commented that many businesses need job-ready applicants. Many businesses are not that interested to train the younger applicant especially those who have limited employability skills. Without the younger applicant being given a chance the cycle of disadvantage continue as these young people age and have children of their own.

One solution…

Paul suggests a local area-based, employer-first, co-ordinated approach is required that identifies job needs, builds trust with businesses and focuses on transitions to work for young people so they can fill available vacancies. They need an environment where they can grow into the job, make mistakes and learn, appreciate the value of a wage and receive support from mentors and a new peer group.

One example of where this is working is Jayco, which has partnered with Mission Australia to move local unemployed young Sudanese men into local jobs. This is an initiative supported by the Victorian government and two philanthropic trusts, the Felton Bequest and the Bennelong Foundation.

This project has taken two years to put together, it hasn’t been easy but now the benefits are being seen.

Maybe if there are youth unemployment problems in your region something similar could be adopted. The first challenge is to find a sympathic business which is prepared to do something for the long term benefit of the community and be part of a life changing experience for some local youth.

Do you know of any other solutions to the youth unemployment problem that has worked in your region?

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