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Mixed messages of labelling or is it just being untruthful

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

Recently received an email from a regular visitor to who is very passionate about supported Australian manufacturers and Australian growers. This is what we received….

“Hi Stephen,

I recently purchased Sunbeam Mixed Fruit.  On the packet it states   “sunbeam, australian owned since 1926″, “Sunbeam, Future Farmers”  ” At Sunbeam we’re passionate about farming in Australia”   and  ”……simply by buying from local growers…. supports local communities and our economy…….. australian farmers have nurtured our growth , we’re returning the favour……by buying this product … we make a difference to the future of australian farming….”

the ingredient list has what you would expect with the exception of “…. packed in australia from  imported and local ingredients”

i have emailed sunbeam regarding my concerns about not only the use of imported ingredients (and which ones are they???)  but the fact that the whole package is dedicated to blowing the ‘we are Aussie’ trumpet and then using imports !!  

As I only purchase all australian products whenever it is possible, i was deceived by the packaging into thinking that this was, in fact, an all Australian product.  How disappointing and frustrating to find that it isnt the case with sunbeam dried fruit.”

There are many other products on the shelves that portray themselves to be supporting Australian growers, Australian workers but a closer examination of the labelling you find similar to what this visitor found.

Where do you think Colgate toothpaste is made?

Next time you buy biscuits have a look to see where they are made, you may be surprised!!!!

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One Response to Mixed messages of labelling or is it just being untruthful

  1. Sarah Williams says:

    Given that fruit is seasonal you may have found yourself more disappointed that only foreign-owned and produced dried fruit was available had Sunbeam not been using imported procucts during the off-season. At least you were buying Australian owned, which is no longer the case. Every time an iconic Aussie brand hands over the reigns to a foreign owner I feel so disheartened. Shame on the share holders and their self-interest.

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