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Incorrectly labeled produce

Posted on by Stephen from BAM

Reported in the Coffs Coast Advocate recently….. a fruit and vegetable company called KM Baron Trading Pty Ltd which runs the Absolutely Fabulously Local fruit and vege store pleaded guilty to 6 breaches of the Foods Act. They cut off the labels which identified the asparagos as being grown in Peruvia and replaced them with labels indicating that they were grown in Australia.

Even though they were caught and convicted, it does make you wonder how often this type of thing had occured in the past. And with the amount of fish, pork and other meat imported into Australia you would have to be pretty naive not to think that it couldn’t happen with that produce as well. 

The Australian pork association has developed a new logo which clearly identifies pork products that are made out from 100% Australian grown pork. You can see the logo in the Food and Drink category of

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