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What you buy TODAY will determine the Australia we live in TOMORROW

Hello, I am Stephen Gately owner and Managing Director of

I established BuyAustralianMade in 2009 to support and promote Australian manufacturing, Australian growers and Australian delivered services by making it easy for people to find real Australian made products and services.

Australia is going through massive changes, there are very important decisions to be made which will help to determine the Australia of tomorrow.

What sort of Australia do you want to live in? What sort of Australia do you want your children and your childrens children to live in?

The Australia I want

  • determines its own future
  • makes things that people want and need
  • is self sustaining
  • is innovative and inventive
  • provides an increasing range of valuable employment for all
  • encourages people to have a go, and
  • has maximised the opportunities provided by our natural resources

I believe it makes NO SENSE to sell our natural resources for $100s per tonne simply to import them as finished goods at $10,000s per tonne.

I believe we must value add to our natural resources, by processing, refining and manufacturing in Australia

I believe it makes SENSE to buy Australian grown produce because it\'s better for our health, our environment and our farmer\'s future.

I believe there are too many people who are looking at the short term and are not considering the longer term future of this nation

Other people have different beliefs, they believe

  • we don\\\'t need a manufacturing sector
  • it is OK to import fresh produce replacing the food Aussie farmers grow
  • the mining sector alone will secure the future of our nation
  • the rest of us should be happy to have jobs in the service sector

What do you believe?

We can all help make this nation a better place by supporting Australian manufacturers, growers and service providers by looking for opportunities to buy Australian made products. Buying Australian made products and produce will

  • help create employment opportunities for your neighbours, your kids, your kids kids and yourself
  • help business invest in research and development, drive innovation, develop new products and new ways of doing  things
  • help build a self-sustaining Australia

We can all help to ensure the future success of the Australian economy and way of life by re-directing a percentage of purchases to products made or grown in Australia.

Your sincerely

Stephen Gately

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